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From our Urban Coffee HQ


Over the next couple of weeks you’re going to hear talk about a little thing called Urban 5. “What’s Urban 5?” we hear you cry. Well, as you’ll know, it was five years ago in 2009 that Urban Coffee Co. on Church St opened its doors. To celebrate this milestone of half a decade in Birmingham – and to launch us into the wider Midlands – we’ve been working on developing an espresso blend especially for us! And, we are almost there.

We don’t want to give too much away but can announce that it’s a blend of Finca Los Altos (washed) from Nicaragua and Tolima Gaitania (washed) from Colombia. Initial tastings suggested that we needed the roast a little darker and so a slightly darker roasted batch arrived with us on Monday. Adrian will be brewing the first espressos with it tomorrow.Latte_2

Simon, Hannah, Peter and Adrian will be heading down to the roastery this afternoon to meet the guys who are going to help us create this amazing blend. We are truly excited to be working with them!

What happens next? Well, we start two weeks of tasting with you guys to make sure you love it as much as we do!! Urban 5 will be available as a guest espresso in our emporiums on the following days:

CS 31/07/14 – 01/08/14

JQ  05/08/14 – 06/08/14

HB  07/08/14

As well as being able to taste the coffee,our Head Barista Adrian will be in the vicinity to answer any queries you may have!


Painty at Harborne

From our Harborne Schoolyard Emporium, Urban Coffee HQ

Top Pic PaintlyPAINTY – Pop Up Art
 brings people together for a fun night of drinks and a simple guided tutorial by a professional artist on how to recreate a work of art. It’s a great night out, and a unique idea for a date! Their events cater to those who have little to no painting experience, so there’s no reason for anyone to be shy! And, they are on the way to us in HB

“As most artists do, I struggled to find a career that allowed me to express myself, until I learned that with your favourite tipple, everyone enjoys painting just as much as I do.” says Craig Gilman, Painty’s founder, “I love teaching art and people have fun learning, that’s why I’ve been really excited since our company’s launch in April this year. It’s going to be a colourful 2014!”

Painty event, in a nutshell:
It’s best to check in about 30 minutes before the event begins, that way you can then get yourself a drink and mingle with the other painters. Once you take your seat, Craig will walk you through using your painting tools and then break down the evening’s picture into simple steps that you can follow. The canvas is yours; you can choose to experiment with it or replicate the steps shown – you’re the artist and we’ll provide the inspiration!

“Awesome evening! I am not a talented artist, to which my finished canvas is aBot Pic Painty testament, but the process was massive fun. I thought the Painty guys balanced helpful and relaxed perfectly, always there when you needed but not overbearing. I was really impressed that we were painting on canvases with brand new brushes and I would definitely fancy a longer session with them.” - Tom W.

Come join us at Harborne on Wednesday 30th July from 6pm!

July’s Book Club #CS

From our Church Street Emporium

Have you ever sat – or stood if you’re a barista – in your place of work and thought about all the other people working away,  day in – day out, to make the world we call home tick?

If you have, then The Pleasure and Sorrows of Work by Alain de Botto – the book under the spotlight in this month’s Book Club at #CS – will be just up your street!

GoodReads.com describes it as, “an exploration of the joys and perils of the modern workplace, beautifully evoking what other people wake up to do each day–and night–to make the frenzied contemporary world function. With a philosophical eye and his signature combination of wit and wisdom, Alain de Botton leads us on a journey around a deliberately eclectic range of occupations, from rocket science to biscuit manufacture, accountancy to art–in search of what make jobs either fulfilling or soul-destroying.”

Even if you don’t finish (or in some cases start) the book, please feel free to come along from 6pm on Thursday 31st July at Church St to join us for drinks and our customary lively conversation. Check out the facebook page for more info. Also, don’t forget, it’s Thirsty Thursday, where you can get 2 cocktails for £8 from 5pm-7pm!

Jazz on Church St Square

From our Church Street Emporium

If you’re coming down to Church St Square tomorrow to listen to the  Kansas Smitty’s Big Four  (who by the way are fabulous – check out the video below if you don’t believe us) performing as part of Birmingham International Jazz and Blues Festival, we have a little treat in store for you.

Get yourself into #CS and you can have any take out large drink for the price of a small one! Well, in this heat you need to keep your fluids up don’t you?! Especially if you are going to head off and sit in the sun and listen to some great music!

Remember, we’re fully licensed too so you can always pop in for something a little stronger after!

We are hiring!

From our Urban Coffee HQ

BethWe are very excited to announce that we are opening our 4 emporium in a fantastic new development called ‘Fargo Village‘ in Coventry on 27th September, 2014!
As we increases our ambitions, we’re aiming to move towards a ‘foodier’ side of life, focusing on a great range of american-diner style food as well as our star product, the coffee!
This new challenge means we’re going to be needing some fantastic Urbanistas & Kitchenistas to help us achieve the three ‘c’s that we’ve always taken pride in achieving; great customer service, coffee and community.
We are looking for the following positions to be filled and expect all applicants to have the following abilities/experience;
Emporium Manager – You will be responsible for the staff and the finances of your emporium. You will have experience driving targets, delegating, upselling, labour & gp control, costing events. You will be naturally friendly, reliable, disciplined and hard working. Of course, liking coffee is pretty darn important too!Sharon
Kitchen Manager/Assistant Manager – You will be responsible for making and ensuring all products made in the kitchen are made to spec. Working with the emporium manager and kitchen area manager you will also help develop seasonal dishes. You are the line manager for all your kitchenistas and you will be expected to manage your staff, from labour control to training.
Assistant Manager – You are the emporium manager’s right-hand man/woman and will be expected to cover the manager’s role in their absence. You will be vital in ensuring the emporium runs smoothly when the manager’s not there.
Head Barista – You are our coffee connoisseur-you will ensure all staff are producing a fantastic quality coffee at all times and act as a FOH shift-supervisor when you are not training. Experience in the same or similar role is preferred and a love of coffee is a must.
Senior Urbanistas – You are our shift supervisors and will be responsible for opening/closing the emporium. Experience in cashing up/supervisory roles is preferred.
Kitchenistas – A love of food, experience in a similar role in kitchens would be preferred. High standards with cleanliness and diligent in portion control/wastage. Any food safety qualifications is a major plus!
Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 10.15.02Part-Time Urbanistas – You will be responsible for making sure the customer gets the best experience at all times and adhere to Urban’s high standards in all aspects of the job.
All employees are expected to speak fluent English, be extremely clean and tidy and massively passionate about the job at hand.
Competitive pay, free coffee and bonus schemes are all offered to employees of Urban Coffee Co.
Our ethos is simple, happy staff = happy customers = profit
Please email happyjobs@urbancoffee.co.uk with your CV and a covering letter and what position you would like to apply for.
Application Deadline = 04/08/14
Note: Training will begin in one of our existing emporiums in Birmingham at least 4 weeks before we open on 27th Sept.

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