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August 2010

September Book Club

From our Urban Coffee HQ

There was a great turn out for August’s book club, despite the weather! We had several new faces and a great discussion about Kazuo Ishiguro’s haunting novel, ‘Never Let Me Go’.

‘Never Let Me Go’ is a novel set in dystopian Britain and tells the story of narrator Kathy H’s time at secluded boarding school, Halisham, and her subsequent adult life after leaving. Kathy reflects back on the idyllic life at Halisham and her current role as a “carer” for donors, some of whom are her childhood friends. The nature of these donations is slowly explained throughout the novel.

There was an almost unanimous love for the book; with most feeling that the subtle yet lingering dystopian setting really allowed the groups to draw parallels with everyday life. The lack of description of the characters appearance and the slowly unfurling explanation of what made them different and the purpose of their life made the book all the more haunting. Additional themes of the meaning of art, the nature of love and parallels between battery and free-range farming really provoked some interesting discussion. The group felt that the overall message seemed to implore people not to waste their life.

Finally, several members of the book club over the months have asked whether there is an online group they can join to let us know if they can’t make the meet ups or carry on the discussion. So, one has finally been set up;

Please feel free to suggest new books on there, share links, carry on the discussion or generally chat with book group members outside the meetings.

The next book will be Northern Lights by Philip Pullman, discussed upstairs at Urban Coffee Company at 6pm on Thursday 30th September. All are welcome!

Blog for your cup

From our Urban Coffee HQ

Calling all Birmingham bloggers, we have a proposition for you! If you write a blog post about us or put a link to our website on your blog then we will give you one of our new espresso cups (they are very cute).

No catches, but we only have 10 cups so be in the first ten to let us know you have done it (email, tweet, facebook us). Now we know some people have already been lovely and blogged about us but the offer starts now for new posts only.

Our ‘Coffee King?!’

From our Urban Coffee HQ

Right, we have finally come to the point where we are ready to give a title to the Urbanista who has stood out for us the most in the past year!

However, before we give this grand title to the lucky one, we must come up with the extremely important task of what this title shall be!

All suggestions welcome, or if you want to vote for one of ours then go for it!

We’ve come up with the following;

Chief Coffee Connoisseur, Chief Connoisseur, Master of Coffee, Coffee Chief, Chief Urbanista, Emporium Emperor, Head Urbanista, Coffee Wizard, Coffee Guru, Supreme Coffee Connoisseur, Chief Lover of Coffee, Chief Producer of the Best Coffee This Side Of The Moon, Chief Maker of Coffee Magic, Ubiquitous Coffee Connoisseur, 1st Duke of Coffee, His Excellency, Chairman of Coffee, Coffee Snob, Commander of Coffee, Major Coffee Maker, Omniscient Coffee Maker, Coffee Know-it-All

Birmingham Post awards shortlist

From our Urban Coffee HQ

Oh guess what? We have been shortlisted for the Birmingham Post Business awards (hurrah).

We are shortlisted in the SME & Business Start-up and Company of the year categories. So wish us luck, we will find out on Monday 20th Sep. Fingers crossed. Good luck to all other shortlisted companies.

August’s Book Club

From our Urban Coffee HQ

Just to let you all know at the next Book Club we will be reading ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro.

The last book club went really well, and slowly but surely new people are getting involved so don’t be scared to turn up-we’re a friendly bunch and you can always have a Cofftail for some dutch courage!!

To purchase the book, click here.

We will be meeting at 6pm on Thursday 26th August at our Church Street Emporium.

Any questions, email


From our Urban Coffee HQ

Just a little thankyou from all of you who turned up to our Oxjam event back in July! We had a great night, and we raised £76.16 for Oxfam so all in all a successful night!!

If you want to hold your own charity event with us then please feel free to get in contact!!

August’s Coffee Connoisseurs

From our Urban Coffee HQ

This month our Jamie will be going into the depths of the coffee world with you, exploring;

  • The origins of coffee (i.e. the countries and climates)
  • Green beans (plantation to roaster)
  • Roasting
  • Region tasting: we’ll taste our single estate coffees (PNG, Indian, Brazil, Ethiopian, Indonesian, and Kenyan) and discussing the regions distinctive flavours.

We have a meeting the second Wednesday of every month, the next one being Wednesday 11th August, from 7pm-8pm.

We look forward to seeing you, and bring any questions you like-Jamie loves a challenge!!

Friday is music night!

From our Urban Coffee HQ

On Friday the 6th August betwen 6pm-8pm we are playing host to what can only be described as a musical experience! The band have one of the longest names we have ever heard of. Just the first word intrigues us!

So come along, grab a cold purity ale or an indulgent cofftail and enjoy some live music from…

Pandemonium Peoples Front Skiffle Experience!!

See we told you it was long!!!

It’s Our Party!!!

From our Urban Coffee HQ

It’s soon to be official-Urban Coffee Company is going to no longer be a ‘newbie’ as we are turning 1 year old.

It’s been a great year for us so far as we have had the additions of Kissmecupcakes, Alcohol, Ice Cream, Elephant Ear and Weasel Coffee to name but a few!

So we’d love you to all come and celebrate with us on Tuesday 10th August. All day we’ll be giving out goody bags, and then from 7pm-9.30pm we’ll be having a proper party with Live Music, Jenga, Buckaroo and Jelly!!!

We’re even giving out free drinks between 7pm & 7.30pm so don’t miss out!!

For your ticket please email or sign up here

Perfect Urban Coffee using a cafetiere

From our Urban Coffee HQ

Here is the Urban Coffee Company guide to making the perfect coffee using a cafetiere. The beauty of a cafetiere is you can do this at home or in the office and get a great cup of coffee. If you want coffee delivered to your door every month then sign up to our coffee subscriptions.

What you need?

1x cafetiere (also known as a French press)
1x cup
1x timer
1x kettle
1x bag of Urban Coffee filter

Step by Step

Step 1
Fill and boil the kettle (with fresh water) then tip a cup full of boiling water into the cafetiere to make sure it is clean. You don’t want any old coffee in the cafetiere to taint the perfect coffee you are about to make. The boiling water also pre-heats the cafetiere.

Step 2
Open your sealed coffee and take 25g out for each cup (approx 2 heaped dessert spoons) and place it in the bottom of the cafetiere. It’s really important you use fresh coffee so no older than 2 weeks.

Step 3
Use the water from the kettle that you boiled in step 1. Don’t use boiling water you must wait 30 seconds or so after boiling, boiling water will scorch the coffee. Tip the water into the cafetiere covering the coffee, fill up to the natural line on the cafetiere.

Step 4
Give the coffee a gentle stir and top up with water if required.

Step 5
Add the plunger back on the top but DONT plunge.

Step 6

Set the timer for 4 minutes and start it.

Step 7
When the timer goes off you can start to plunge. Plunge nice and slowly in one continous motion until you reach the bottom.

Step 8
Warm the cups by swilling them with boiling water.

Step 9
Now pour the coffee into the cups and you have yourself a perfect cup of Urabn Coffee cafetiere coffee

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